Rules & Regulations


The signed application and hold harmless contract constitute your knowledge and agreement to comply with all rules. Failure to do so could result in expulsion from current and/or future Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce events.

Booth Setup:

You are not allowed to obstruct the visibility to your neighbor’s booth. Sidewalls/structures or other objects cannot be higher than 8’ tall (the height of your pipe and drape backdrop) or extend beyond 5’ from the back of the booth. The front half of the booth to the aisle (front 5′) must allow for patrons to see through to the next booth. A festival staff member will ask you to change the configuration of your booth if you do not comply with these booth setup requirements. Failure to address a festival staff member’s warning will jeopardize your participation in current and/or future AWACC events. Trailers/vehicles are NEVER allowed as part of the booth.

See photo examples of booth setup in pages 14-16 of the vendor applications.

Vendor Badges:

Vendor staff and/or volunteers will wear the 2018 Vendor Badge at all times during the festival. Vendors without a badge can be refused access to the event. For your convenience, we provide a Vendor Badge Swap, so that incoming and outgoing vendor booth staff can exchange Vendor Badges and/or Parking Passes. The Vendor Badge Swap is located in the Exhibit Hall, at the Festival Information Booth.

Fire Safety:

  • Tents, canopies or enclosed top to any booth is not allowed in the Main Hall or Exhibit Hall, as directed by the State Fire Marshal.
  • All vendors must provide an all-purpose dry chemical fire extinguisher in their booth. Food Vendors must also provide a Type K fire extinguisher in their booth. Fire Marshal will verify.


We reserve the right to maintain the integrity, appeal, & cleanliness of the Astoria Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival.

  • No stickers, temporary tattoos, glitter/confetti, balloons, mardi gras beads, etc.
  • No sale or giving away of corkscrews and/or bottle openers
  • Political or moral causes will not be permitted at any booth space at the festival
  • Solicitation by unauthorized vendors will not be allowed on Fairground property during this event
  • The Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to limit the number of participants and items of food and merchandise

Food Restrictions:

  • As directed by the Clatsop County Health Department, food vendor staff and/or volunteers are not allowed to eat in their booth. Workers can drink out of a covered container with straw or handle.
  • For-profit entities are required to have Oregon Food Handler Cards for ALL staff/volunteers in the booth. Nonprofits are required to have one person in the booth at all times with an Oregon Food Handler card.
  • Food vendors must have BOTH an all-purpose dry chemical fire extinguisher and a Type-K fire extinguisher in their booth.

Alcohol Restrictions:

  • Alcohol vendors must be APPROVED by the OLCC 30 days prior to the event.
  • Wine vendors may sell:
    • 1 oz. tastes
    • 4 oz. glasses
    • Sealed bottles and/or cases
  • Beer vendors may sell:
    • 4 oz. tastes
    • 12 oz. glasses
    • Sealed bottles, cases and/or growlers
  • Hard liquor vendors may sell:
    • 1 oz. tastes and/or mixed drinks with 1 oz. of alcohol each
    • Sealed bottles and/or cases
  • Alcohol vendors must continuously display sales & serving permits to remain open.
  • Minors ARE NOT permitted inside a booth selling alcohol.
  • Zero tolerance policy with regard to alcohol being consumed by (or noticeable intoxication of) anyone while working and/or volunteering in a booth. This applies to ALL vendors, not just alcohol vendors.
  • Opening and consuming any bottled alcohol of any kind by patrons is prohibited (growlers included).
  • Selling and/or giving away corkscrews or bottle openers is not allowed.
  • For information about the wine check service, please click on the Venue Information Page.